We all have a role to play in stopping the development of Killer Robots
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The new PAX report 'State of AI' warns countries to prevent an AI arms race, due to the catastrophic effects for humanity if states continue on their present path without clear international norms
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Killer Robots
Lethal autonomous weapon systems are weapons that can select and attack individual targets without meaningful human control.

This means the decision on whether a weapon should deploy lethal force is delegated to a machine.

A development that would have enormous negative effects on the way war is conducted.
States should not be asking 'How can we win the AI arms race?' but rather 'How can we prevent an AI arms race?'

Seven states are leading the development of weapons with increasing autonomy with massive investments. A fully-fledged AI arms race will have severe negative security, political and societal impacts.

PAX believes that artificial intelligence (AI) can have a positive contribution to our societies, but only when bound by clear international guidelines.

PAX calls on all states to define clear boundaries in new international law to prevent the development of killer robots and the start of an AI arms race that has no winners

PAX believes states should lead the way towards a pre-emptive ban, but also scientists and tech companies have a responsibility to prevent these weapons from becoming reality.
The main reason for developing killer robots, seems to be the fear that others might develop them

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About PAX
PAX works on a wide range of disarmament issues, including arms trade, nuclear weapons, armed drones, and the link between the financial sector and arms producers. PAX is co-founder and steering committee member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.
PAX and Killer Robots
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